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IndUS Aviation, Inc., is a Texas based corporation founded in 1996 to develop general aviation in emerging world economies such as India and China. Headquartered at Dallas’ Executive Airport, the company formed strong collaborations with firms in these countries to manufacture the Thorp T-211 and its LSA variants. The result was an increased awareness and significant promotion of the importance of GA in these countries. In addition, IndUS was able to create unique modifications of the venerable FAA Type Certified T-211 in the LSA category, as well as diesel powered variants for the USA.

During the the past few years, IndUS has sought new relationships in international markets. The company forged agreements with Indian and Chinese companies to build the aircraft to supply the flight schools in these countries, as well as manufacture lower cost airframes and subassemblies for production of advanced aircraft for shipment to the US. This has resulted in the formation of  collaborative ventures with overseas business firms to identify means by which General Aviation infrastructure can be developed. It is anticipated that the new design and production facilities will result in the development of new, exciting models of the T-211 aircraft (named T-211 ML--microlight) to be equipped for flight schools and possible military training of brand new pilots.

Current Status

IndUS Aviation is shifting its business strategy to take advantage of emerging worldwide opportunities. The company plans to restructure its manufacturing operations to creat a robust supply chain and facilitate a new distribution channel for the US and European markets, while focusing on increasing the number of primary training aircraft in previously underserved Asian and African countries. By placing core manufacturing capability in Asia and setting up assembly centers in strategic locations globally to support its customers throughout the world, IndUS hopes to reach a large base of current and prospective pilots.

Through selected technology transfer and utilization of global resources, we plan to create world class aviation products and aircraft in large numbers, resulting in better options for General Aviation. We regret that this process has taken much longer than anticipated. However, as pioneers in developing General Aviation in these new environments, where General Aviation is virtually unheard of, we must remain patient in our endeavors to create the necessary infrastructure for the future. We believe this will eventually help us build the best possible products for our customers throughout the world at an affordable price.

We wish to continue supporting our existing customers and offer information regarding our aircraft to future customers--we apologize for the limited nature of this abbreviated interim website during this transition period. However, we are committed to resumption of full production of the Thorpedo LSA aircraft both in the USA and in global markets. We are encountering longer than expected delays in our transition, setting up manufacturing and assembly facilities, and certification by the Chinese CAAC.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any information or questions, we will be sure to respond promptly.  We look forward to seeing you in a Thorpedo soon!

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